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Heat from the cold

On a hot summer day,
Slow down the maintenance of the structure of the heat transfer;
Maintain indoor low temperature;
Minimize the need for air conditioning.
In the cold winter:
And reduce the loss of heat energy;
Thermal insulation for the building, at the same time reduce the energy needed for heating.

Heat from the cold
Saving energy and protecting environment

Heat preservation material products can save the equivalent of its production by 100 times more energy consumption.

Saving energy and protecting environment
To prevent fire

Can resist high temperature;
A-class non-combustible material;
As a fire barrier, the delay spread of fire;
Win precious time for a fireman to save life and property.

To prevent fire
Sound insulation

Rock wool and glass cotton internal fiber fleeciness crisscross, viscous resistance and air molecules in the air and pore wall friction, sound energy into heat energy consume, so as to weaken the effect of noise.

Sound insulation

Our advantage!

Our advantage:

Thermal insulation material is usually guide material thermal coefficient is less than or equal to 0.2.In the industrial and construction with good thermal insulation technology and materials, often can have twice the result with half the effort.Every use in building a ton of mineral wool insulation products, a year can save a tons of oil.Industrial equipment and piping heat preservation, with good heat insulation measures and materials, can significantly reduce production energy consumption and cost, improve the environment, at the same time has good economic benefit.Heat preservation material products is a lot of more phyletic, including aerogel blanket, plastic foam, mineral cotton products, foam glass, expanded perlite insulation products, EPS insulation slurry and mineral powder spraying cotton, foam concrete insulation products, inorganic heat preservation material.

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Kingyep Industrial Comanpy was founded in 2013, his predecessor was Kingyep Building Materials company was builded in 2008 . Because of the development business,Kingyep have Registered as Kingyep industralia Co. Ltd..

Kingyep is a professional foreign trade company deal with international export & import business ,exploit domestic and overseas trade,Sino-foreign joint, coproduction and so on.  Kingyep deal with all kinds of insulation materials at present,like rock wool, glass wool, ceramic fiber, calcium silicate ,also the assistance materials including aluminum foil, wire mesh, install metals. Kingyep has many cooperation factories which is professional ,experienced and high quality service in Guangdong province , Hebei province Shandong province,also shanghai . So that Kingyep can ship the goods in different port to save transport cost.

As a professional insulation materials exporter , Kingyep always pay close attention to the insulation market ,Committed to exploit suitable material to satisfy  market demand,high perference in energy efficient and Energy Saving Solutions.

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