Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, convention and exhibition center

Next to the convention and exhibition center is located in the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur, construction passes elaborate design, external line is clear and full of modern, reflects Malaysia’s culture and tradition.

Kuala Lumpur convention and exhibition center is a large international conference and exhibition destination, to undertake a lot of international events.If it is not the completion of the building, these activities before it is difficult to undertake.

Convention and exhibition center in Kuala Lumpur like birds, the roof of the roof of the building demand is also very special.Roof must have good performance, prevention and control of noise and simple maintenance, durable.In the process of roof construction, construction personnel faces many challenges, such as how to keep the roof building durable, such as indoor sound environment at the same time also to achieve the best.

Ikea in Singapore

Swedish furniture giant ikea in Singapore have 28 years, ikea on light had 10 block new open two stores, aims to provide a better shopping experience for consumers in Singapore, at the same time to make all consumers shopping more convenient.

The whole building packages in the IKEA trademark of blue and yellow, this is all a main design characteristics of IKEA.Although the architectural highlights the European atmosphere characteristic, but pay more attention to building and emphasized the need for local customers.Construction used a similar European construction method, namely otc manufacturing accessories and field installation method in advance.Ensure that building gives a person the visual perception, clear focus part reveals the essence of the building.

Building roof used the sandwich board structure, the use of water permeability of PVC membrane materials, 100 mm thick rock wool HR 80 board and aluminum foil, and under the roof structure with a layer of metal plate.