Ceramic fiber board is the aluminum silicate fiber board, a kind of refractory material.Even after heating also keep good mechanical strength, the product is rigid and has the support of a fiber blanket, felt the strength of the fiber insulation products.


Ceramic fiber board in addition has the excellent properties of the corresponding bulk ceramic fiber cotton, the product quality of a material is solid, good toughness and strength, has excellent ability to resist wind erosion.Heating is not inflation, qualitative light, construction is convenient, can be arbitrary bending shear, are ideal of kiln, pipe and other insulation equipment energy-saving materials.


1、Ccement and other building materials industry kiln back lining heat preservation;
2、Petrochemical, metallurgy, ceramics, glass industry kiln back lining heat preservation;
3、Heat treatment furnace back lining heat preservation;
4、Non-ferrous metals industry backing insulation;
5、High temperature reaction, heating equipment back lining heat preservation and heat insulation.