Ceramic fiber blanket is made of special aluminum silicate ceramic fiber filament after special double needle molding process.After double needle technology has greatly increased the degree of fiber weaving, delamination resistance, tensile strength and surface roughness.Fiber blanket does not contain any organic binder, to ensure that the ceramic fiber blanket under high temperature and low temperature conditions are good can be made and stability.


Color white, size regular, set fire-resistant, heat insulation, thermal insulation in one.Do not contain any binder.Under neutral, oxidizing atmosphere when long-term use can still maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure.Heat resistance is 950-1400 ℃.


Aerospace, steel, petrochemical heat insulation;Military equipment fire insulation;Industrial furnace, heating device wall lining, backing insulation;High temperature equipment insulation;Heat pipe heat insulation;Electrical components heat insulation fire;High temperature gaskets;Module, folded piece of raw materials.