Calcium silicate

Calcium silicate board

Besides has the function of the traditional plasterboard has more superior fire resistance and resistant to moisture, the advantages of long service life and application in the engineering construction industry ceiling smallpox and partition, liner, billboards in home decoration, furniture plate, ship plate of storehouse, warehouse of shed board wainscot of interior projects.
Calcium silicate board with high quality high grade cement as matrix material, and matches by natural fiber reinforced, with advanced production technology molding, pressure and high temperature pipe, made of a special technology processing, is a kind of excellent performance of its products of new buildings and industrial plate fire prevention, moistureproof, sound insulation, mothproof and strong durability.Is suspended ceiling, partition of ideal decorative plates.

Calcium silicate pipe

Calcium silicate pipe is made of calcium silicate powder by thermoplastic reaction, then mixed with inorganic fiber after a thermal insulation material.It is a kind of high performance insulation materials without asbestos, for the power station, petroleum chemical plant, oil refineries, thermal distribution system and plant with heat pipe system with excellent heat insulation protection.

Safe use warm clothing is as high as 65 ℃, o than 30 ℃ o superfine glass wool products, more than 150 ℃ the expanded perlite products;Low thermal conductivity (gamma 0.56 w/m.k) or less is much lower than other rigid insulation materials and composite silicate insulation materials;Bulk density is small, the lowest weight in the rigid insulation materials, thermal insulation layer can thin some, just bracket, installation in construction can substantially reduce the labor intensity is low;The adiabatic products non-toxic tasteless, not burning, high mechanical strength.The products can be repeatedly used for a long time, can use cycle for decades, still don’t reduce technical indicators;Construction safety and convenient;Beautiful appearance white, smooth, good flexural, compressive strength, in transport, low loss in use process, etc.