Calcium silicate pipe is the silicon oxide, calcium oxide and enhanced fiber as the main raw material, through mixing, molding, heating, gel, autoclave hardening, drying process of a new type thermal insulation material.Its main material is high activity of diatomite and lime, under high temperature and high pressure, in dicating boiled water products, renewable mineral as strengthening agent into them cotton or other fiber, and joined the aid materials forming and get new thermal insulation material.


Safe use warm clothing is as high as 65 ℃, o than 30 ℃ o superfine glass wool products, more than 150 ℃ the expanded perlite products;Low thermal conductivity (gamma 0.56 w/m.k) or less is much lower than other rigid insulation materials and composite silicate insulation materials;Bulk density is small, the lowest weight in the rigid insulation materials, thermal insulation layer can thin some, just bracket, installation in construction can substantially reduce the labor intensity is low;The adiabatic products non-toxic tasteless, not burning, high mechanical strength.The products can be repeatedly used for a long time, can use cycle for decades, still don’t reduce technical indicators;Construction safety and convenient;Beautiful appearance white, smooth, good flexural, compressive strength, in transport, low loss in use process, etc.