Foam glass

Foam glass can also be applied to the flue, kiln and cold storage of thermal insulation engineering, all kinds of gas, liquid, oil pipeline heat insulation, waterproof, fire prevention engineering, subway, library, office buildings, opera, theater, etc all kinds of needs, sound insulation, heat insulation equipment isolation, sound insulation engineering infrastructure, canals, guardrail, dike leakproof, moth-proofing engineering and other fields.Even has used for household cleaning, health care function.Use foam glass heating pipeline protection compared with the traditional protection materials, can reduce the heat loss of about 25%.

XPS insulation board

XPS insulation board is extruded polystyrene insulation board insulation, it is a polystyrene resin as raw materials and other raw materials and inclusion, through a special process heating mixed into the catalyst at the same time, the continuous extrusion pressure and the rigid foam plastic molding and manufacturing. Its scientific name is adiabatic using XPS extruded polystyrene foam with perfect obturator honeycomb structure, this structure makes XPS board has low water absorption, moisture, breathable, lightweight, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity coefficient, high pressure resistance, aging resistance, long service life, low coefficient of thermal conductivity, excellent performance of energy conservation and environmental protection heat preservation material.
Due to continuous extrusion of tightly closed pore structure, its density, water absorption, coefficient of thermal conductivity and vapor permeability are lower than other types of plate, is widely regarded as one of the best heat preservation material current market.

Rubber and plastic

Closed bubble structure, effectively cut off the water, even if the product surface scratch also does not affect the overall steam trap, so there is no need to add a steam insulation layer.

Excellent resistance to water vapor penetration, bibulous rate is low, low thermal conductivity, and can remain stable for a long time, their use thickness thinner than any other thermal insulating materials so that the province province.
Flame retardant effect is good, self-extinguishing, don’t delay burning, conform to the needs of fire.
With wide temperature range and weather aging resistance is superior, have long resisted cold, hot, dry, wet and bad environment ability.
Rich flexibility, convenient installation, clean and beautiful appearance.
Have shock absorption, sound-absorbing effect.

Polyethylene insulation materials

Polyethylene insulation material is produced by a special process, the bubble hole for the obturator structure, the heat insulation, moisture, prevent dewing, aging resistance and so on characteristics, widely used in central air conditioning as well as the kind of cold and hot quality pipe insulation, protect wet, cold, etc.Polyethylene insulation materials is high performance and energy saving material, under the same conditions, less material than other materials, and construction is convenient and quick, to shorten the project cycle, improve the treatment of construction, improve the reliable guarantee.

Phenolic foam

Phenolic foam is a new kind of flame retardant, low smoke fire insulation materials, it is made of phenolic resin added with flame retardant and smoke suppression agent, foaming agent, curing agent and other additives made of closed-cell rigid foam.
It is the most prominent feature of flame retardant, low smoke, high temperature resistance of indeterminacy.It can be on-site pouring foam, can be molded, can also be mechanical processing, can be made into sheet, tube shell and all kinds of different products.It overcomes the original type foam thermal insulation material inflammable, cigarettes, drawback of the metabolic that encounter heat, retained the original type foam thermal insulation material is qualitative light, construction is convenient wait for a characteristic.
Phenolic foam rich raw material sources, low cost, and simple production and processing, products are widely used.It is suitable for large cold storage, storage tank, ships and various kinds of thermal insulation pipe and construction.When used for fire protection requires strict factories and machinery and equipment, more can highlight its flame retardant, low smoke, resistance to high temperature of different characteristics.Such as ships, ships, trains, vehicles of heat preservation and paper, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc.